Fields of action: 


Iguazu - Argentinian area
Iguazu - Argentinian area


  • Hydrological site surveys
  • Assessment of hydrological and meteorological data
  • Revision and recalculation of water gauges
  • Application of the geographic information system (GIS) in hydrology
  • Precipitation run-off modeling
  • Hydrological run-off simulations
  • Synthetic wave generation
  • Calculation and prediction of run-off and floods (hydrographical depiction)
  • Building of risk scenarios
  • Reservoir management and optimisation
  • Alteration of hydrological parameters
  • Impact of climate change


Bimak Sinkhole - Oman
Bimak Sinkhole - Oman


  • Hydrogeological surveys
  • Groundwater well inventories
  • Hydrogeological studies
  • Groundwater transport models
  • Groundwater simulation
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Groundwater quality and contamination assessments
  • Building of risk scenarios
  • Groundwater recovery
  • Artificial recharge strategies


 Itaipu Site - Paraguay and Brazil
Itaipu Site - Paraguay and Brazil

Hydraulic and hydraulic structures

  • Inventory of hydraulic structures
  • Hydraulic modelling (1D and 2D)
  • Application of the geographic information system (GIS) in hydraulic
  • Hydraulic calculation of river sections, open channels, drains, pipes and special constructions
  • River revitalisation
  • River engineering, flood protection and reservoir planning
  • Building of risk scenarios
  • Sediment measurement, balance and evaluation
Mülbach - Austria
Mülbach - Austria

Water Management

  • GIS applications for water management
  • Water balance: hydrological, hydrogeological and surface water
  • Economic perspectives on water management and governance
  • Planning and management of water resources and Infrastructure
  • Sustainable management of water resources
  • Multi-use of water resources
  • Integrated development of river basins and rural development
  • Irrigation and drainage systems
  • Prevention and reduction of disasters with emphasis on floods and droughts
  • Water and food security
  • Flood scenarios, flood hazard maps, flood protection and mitigation
  • Water quality
  • Analysis of natural hazards and risks
  • Building of risk scenarios
  • Adaptation to, and mitigation of, climate change  
Vienna Mountain Spring Pipeline - Austria
Vienna Mountain Spring Pipeline - Austria

Water supply

  • Development of water supply processes
  • Works and treatment plants
  • Water storage facilities
  • Water pumping stations
  • Water transmission and supply networks
  • Analysis and reduction of water losses






Waste Water Treatment Plant Hinterstoder |  @ R. Kirnbauer
Waste Water Treatment Plant Hinterstoder | @ R. Kirnbauer

Treatment and Disposal of Waste Water

  • Drainage and storm water management
  • Sewer system management
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Waste water reuse and recovery